March 1, 2017

Ernst Rodin 1925-2017 In Memoriam

Floating off onto the next adventure, Dr. Ernst Rodin, MD, b. Vienna, Austria Aug. 30, 1925 passed away suddenly on Feb. 5th at home. Dr. Rodin was the former President of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society and had received the association’s Jasper Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 for his extensive contributions to the field.  He was Adjunct Emeritus in the Department of Neurology at the University of Utah and had earlier been a faculty member at the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. Following his residency at Mayo Clinic in Neurology and Electroencephalography he became the long-standing director of the Epilepsy Program at Lafayette Clinic in Detroit, in addition to holding hospital appointments at Children's Hospital and Harper Hospital. He became internationally known for his work in epilepsy and published extensively in the field. He was actively publishing and submitting new research papers until his passing. He wrote a monthly blog documenting his thoughts on current events that can be found on his website “” He loved the mountains and the oceans and was an active skier and sailor for many years. He and his family moved to Sandy, UT in 1990. He was preceded by his wife, Martha, and is survived by his children, Krista, Peter and Eric and their children and grandchildren.  A memorial service was held on Saturday, Feb. 25th at 3:30pm at the family home.

"The Fruit of Silence" - Mother Teresa

The fruit of silence is prayer.

The fruit of prayer is faith.

The fruit of faith is love.

The fruit of love is service.

The fruit of service is peace.


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