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excerpts from wither zionism?, and war and mayhem.
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War and Mayhem by Ernst Rodin War & Mayhem
Reflections of a Viennese Physican

The First World War was the most defining occurrence of the twentieth century. It set events in motion that not only haunt us today but will do so for years to come. Eight million soldiers died worldwide, another 20 million were crippled and 3 million others died of disease. The lost contributions to Western civilization some of these young people would have provided are immeasurable...
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Whither Zionism by Ernst Rodin Whither Zionism?

When one reads the history of the Maccabean era, which comprises approximately 100 years from 166 to 63 B.C., one cannot help but experience a profound sense of déjà vu. History does repeat and the only question for today is: will the outcome be similar? To prevent the disasters of the past from happening again...
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The Moses Legacy by Ernst Rodin The Moses Legacy
Roots of Jewish Suffering

This book is a result of a lifetime of experiences under the most diverse political systems. It was completed in its essence three years ago but diligent efforts to find a publisher or agent have been fruitless. A topic as controversial as this one will not be readily accepted by mainstream publishing...
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The Jesus Conundrum by Ernst Rodin The Jesus Conundrum
Searching for Truth Beyond Dogma

Our current era is to a considerable extent influenced by the consequences of religious fanaticism. This book points to the essential philosophical differences between the Old and New Testament that are currently masked by the term Judeo-Christian tradition. The message of Jesus, unencumbered by religious dogma, is explored and placed not only in historical context but also compared with the teachings of other religions. The central issue is Pilate’s question: “What is Truth?”The book offers a medical/psychological, rather than theological, point of view and can thereby lend itself to a better understanding of human nature.
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